Bringing you all the way home

Buying a home is not just a purchase - It is a significant milestone in our lives in which we are filling a personal and family dream. We believe that top experienced professionals who are dedicated and committed to their customers should run the process of finding and purchasing a property.

We follow multiple steps with our clientele:

Understanding your needs and desires:

In order to provide you with the best service, we will meet and find out what you are looking for regarding your property purchase. For example: Where are you interested in purchasing your property? Will you be living in this property or is it an investment? What are your family, work, study and leisure needs? What type of deal would you like to do? What level of equity and leverage do you need?

Building a work plan:

After we learn about your expectations, we will provide  you a work plan that will include: relevant areas to purchase your property, selection criteria, and the recommended transaction type.

Identify potential properties:

Once we begin following our work plan, we will apply our connections and experience in order to build a portfolio of recommended properties, along with a detailed explanation about the pros and cons about each property. These properties will be individually selected based on your needs, availability, location, and pricing.

Manage the negotiation process with the developer or property owner:

We are very familiar with the sales and negotiation process because of our years of experience. Our negotiation skills and familiarity will drive the process smoothly and will reap the benefits of price and attractive conditions with added value. We will aim to get the ideal conditions for your purchase.

Initiating a winning team:

We will work together with leading lawyers, professional mortgage advisers, and all other experienced suitable partners that will be essential for creating a successful real estate transaction.

Escorting To Other Suppliers:

If necessary, following your acquisition, we can escort you to all meetings with suppliers or join you in any other meetings related to the advancement of your property.